WSI Optimizes Clients’ Phoenix Area Assisted Living Web Site

Linda - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WSI Internet Marketing has recently launched an in-depth on-page search engine optimization initiative for Bethesda Senior Living, a nationwide network of senior assisted living communities.

Bethesda Senior Living had really never optimized its site using an organic search strategy in the past. By joining forces with Tom and his team, Bethesda Senior Living had the intel they needed to implement a comprehensive keyword strategy on one section of their web site—10 pages focused on the Bethesda Gardens community in Phoenix, AZ. 

Using a highly focused strategy on the entire section of Phoenix pages serves as a concise and measurable pilot program for future SEO efforts on other communities’ pages. 

To begin optimizing the site based on existing search volume, the WSI team conducted thorough key word research using the Google keyword tool. Because of the narrow focus on senior living in a single metro area, a small and relevant keyword list was compiled.  A primary keyword [assisted living phoenix az] was chosen, as well as supplemental keywords in the same semantic category.

The primary keyword was mapped to the “home” page of the Phoenix section where it was written into the URL directly next to the root domain:


See the live example:  Assisted Living Phoenix, AZ

Supplemental key words were mapped to the remaining pages.  URLs were structured as follows:


See the live examples:

Assisted Living Phoenix

Phoenix Retirement Communities

Phoenix Assisted Living

Retirement Communities Phoenix

Senior Living Phoenix

Retirement Community Phoenix

Retirement Community Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Senior Living

Retirement Communities Phoenix AZ

Senior Housing Phoenix

Phoenix Retirement Community


While non-ecommerce sites sometimes don’t utilize a primary keyword as a kind of “category,” WSI Expert Internet Marketing took the unique approach of creating a primary keyword and many smaller, supplemental keywords so that every one of the 10 pages would contribute to the overall search engine success on the primary keyword.

The optimized pages have been live for only several weeks and already the organic footprint of the Phoenix pages is growing stronger.  Four of the keywords listed above yield first page results for Bethesda Senior Gardens on Google for the first time in the web site’s history.  Office staff in Phoenix reports the phone ringing and the emails coming in.  During the next several months, the off page optimization as well as additional link building efforts should only accelerate these trends.

New Site Launch: Alliance Shows You How To Start An Insurance Agency

Linda -

For the past few months, our team has spearheaded a project with Alliance Insurance Group to develop a brand new website – www.OwnYourAllianceInsuranceAgency.com 

Alliance, based in Golden, CO is nationally targeting entrepreneurs and other independent insurance agents who want to learn how to start an insurance agency of their own underneath the Alliance umbrella.  

Essentially, Alliance is offering these folks an insurance franchise opportunity where it serves as a Master General Agency (MGA) with a turn-key approach to insurance agency marketing, back-end CRM system, payroll, etc. on behalf of their agents so that they can focus on what they do best, which is selling.

Using WSI’s unique web development process, we identified areas of consumer demand through search query volume, and then designed the site and its content around how best to meet this demand. By optimizing around focused keywords, ensuring the technical architecture of the site is sound, and properly utilizing Google Webmaster Tools, we’ve seen significant results since the site launched in March:

  • As a brand new site, it was being crawled and indexed within a matter of days after launching

  • The site is currently ranking in the top 50 organic results for several targeted keywords, within just 2 months

  • The number of qualified leads being delivered by the site is unlike any other channel Alliance has utilized in the past

This aforementioned approach, combined with a laser-focused PPC strategy is ensuring Alliance has a steady stream of qualified prospects filling up their pipeline and ready to join the Alliance team.  

And hey, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact them about starting an insurance agency of your own – they’d love to talk to you!

WSI Implements Local SEO Program for Northern California Storage Complex

Linda -

The WSI Local SEO Team is at it again.  We have taken on several new clients in the last couple of weeks and are working hard to use local SEO to drive visits to their websites.  Keyword research and on-page optimization is just about complete for one of these clients, Abba Self Storage Units, a division of Conco Companies The chosen keywords have over 5,600 searches per month.

The challenge for Abba Self Storage in Concord, California is to show up in the results of the many nearby suburban communities they serve.  We opted for all geographic keywords since the storage business is very local in nature.  Listed below are the master keywords with links to the pages we optimized.

self storage concord ca

self storage walnut creek ca

concord storage units

pacheco mini storage units

pleasant hill storage

Blogs were also set up for Abba Self Storage Concord CA and Abba Meets Demand for Pacheco Mini Storage Units.

WSI Takes on National SEO for Minnesota-Based Talon Innovations

Linda -

WSI has recently been engaged by Talon Innovations, an ultra-high purity metal machining company in Minnesota.  The project began with a Pay Per Click campaign that built a multi-million dollar pipeline in just a few months and provided extremely valuable insights that have been leveraged in the follow-up SEO initiative.  The PPC campaign was suspended in order to invest in Search Engine Optimization and institutionalize the benefits of Internet Marketing within the site.

On page optimization is about 50% complete at this time with the targeted keyword phrases:

Precision Machined Products

CNC Machine Shops

Medical Contract Manufacturing

Aerospace CNC Machining

Product Engineering Services

Machine Shop Minneapolis

A significant build out of new pages are planned for the site so that additional keyword phrases can be built into the optimization plan.  These incremental pages will be added to the site over the course of the coming months.

An supplementary benefit has occurred as a component of this campaign.  SEO optimization forces the careful development of website content, which often brings out additional language that was not previously leveraged.  In the case of this project, the site is now ranking for terms like hastelloy machining and machining exotic materials.  These are new terms for the site that were included in order to provide a broader description of the capabilities of the client.  While these terms were not a part of the original keyword strategy, they have driven new leads and business for the client due to newly obtained rankings for these phrases.

Off-page optimization and regular analytics are also components of the SEO program with the client and are regularly occurring.  This effort is all aimed at divesting the client’s portfolio of served-markets and mitigating the fluctuations associated with concentrating on a single vertical market.

WSI Executes Conversion Optimzation and National SEO for Utah-Based Credit Card Processor

Linda -

WSI has recently completed the on-page search engine optimization for iTransact, a privately held payment-acceptance company based near Salt Lake City, Utah. They offer merchant accounts (and related services and equipment) in addition to a proprietary Internet payment gateway.

The first step in optimizing the site is to conduct deep key word research. Through a process known as “semantic mapping”, WSI was able to compile and cluster keywords with similar meaning into major and minor groups.

The master keywords were optimized on the following top level pages in the site:

credit card processing

merchant services

Examples of additional high volume keywords were mapped to the following pages:

merchant accounts

credit card machines

payment processing

In total 16 pages of the website were optimized.

Off-page search engine optimization for iTransact will begin in June.  This involves creating content with relevant links on various third-party websites to improve their page rank.  This activity sends direct as well as indirect traffic to the site. Blogs at BlogSpot and WordPress, local directory listings and syndicating press releases will be the major focus of this campaign.

In addition, WSI has been engaged to do conversion optimization on the iTransact website. Conversion optimization is the process of increasing website leads and sales by increasing the percentage of visitors that take action before they leave the site.   We are in the process of gathering website conversion data, isolating various aspects of the site design, and optimizing it for increased conversion. The new design elements are then tested versus the old ones and once a winner has emerged we incorporate that change and move on to the next idea. This process maximizes the value of the new SEO traffic as well as the existing traffic to the site.

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