Mikrofax Leverages WSI to Expand Their Marketing Efforts

Linda - Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WSI, the world’s largest digital marketing company, recently partnered with Mikrofax Procurement Software, a leading developer of eProcurement software solutions. Their procurement software solutions aim to improve the corporate workflow and provide organizations with an unprecedented level of financial control over operations.


WSI was brought in to help Mikrofax build greater visibility through content marketing and search engine optimization.  The goal for this project is to help Mikrofax acquire more qualified leads by targeting the appropriate keywords and delivering great content.  Here are a few examples of the areas that we are targeting:

  • Procurement Software Solution – eBuyerAssist is the platform that Mikrofax has developed to help large and medium sized organizations better manage their procurement process from requisition to payment.
  • eProcurement – A term used by  IT departments looking to find a SaaS solution to help automate their internal procurement process.  The IT department often plays a critical role in evaluating and selection of new software.
  • Purchase Order Software – Managing purchase orders from requisition, to approval, and through out the entire transaction process is greatly simplified by leveraging the right software platform.
  • Request for Quotations – RFQ – This module simplifies the RFQ process and is used to find out what potential vendors are charging for what they need. or simply to prepare routine documentation.  It greatly helps procurement/purchasing departments acquire the products or services at the best price.

The content marketing plan includes new content related to highly relevant keywords that is scheduled to be published on a monthly basis.  It also encompasses a rework of the current product (modules) and services descriptions.  The content is then syndicated leveraging social media including Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

WSI is also responsible for building high quality links and citations to help Mikrofax improve their page rank and authority.  To help with this effort we are leveraging Yext and the WSI syndication network.

About Microfax

Microfax employs software professionals who know how to develop solutions at the enterprise level. Founded in 1988, it was built on a background in purchasing systems and now provides packaged and custom-built applications based on the eBuyerAssist procurement software. The company has served a long list of companies and institutions in the private and public sector.

About WSI

WSI has the world’s largest Internet Consultants’ network and a strong head office in Toronto, Canada. WSI Internet Marketing Consultants have helped thousands of businesses realize their online marketing potential. By using innovative Internet technologies and advanced Internet marketing strategies, businesses can have a WSI Internet Marketing System tailored to their individual needs to elevate their Internet presence and profitability to new levels.

Original article published at: http://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/leading-procurement-software-provider-leverages-wsi-to-expand-their-marketing-efforts

WSI Implements SEO Program for Albuquerque Tradeshow Display and Services Company

Linda - Friday, March 7, 2014

WSI, the worlds largest internet marketing business has partnered with EXHIB-IT!(www.exhib-it.com), a distributor of tradeshow displays and services.  EXHIB-IT! makes your event as successful as possible from concept to completion with full training, shipping and storage.


WSI consulted on the design and development of the SEO program, which resulted in the redesign of some elements of their existing website, but left the basic site design intact. 

EXHIB-IT! Has a large selection of trade show products and services:

  • Banner Stands – Portable Trade Show Displays
  • Portable Trade Show Booths – Truss Displays 
  • Portable Table Top Displays
  • Nomadic Custom Modular Tradeshow Displays
  • Variety of Pop Up Displays
  • Large selection of Portable Trade Show Displays
  • Trade Show Booth Design and Graphic Design Services

WSI has provided keyword mapping to on-page SEO.  A study of on-line product demand is conducted and mapped into a strategic architecture for the company website and all company web properties.  Then SEO analysts create specialized on-page programming, and highly optimized page content for publication both on the company website, and through syndication channels like Google +, Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr, as well as building a social presence on the company’s FaceBook page. 

By carefully customizing this content strategy through on-page and off-page activities, WSI has achieved great results through a highly conservative approach that has proved resistant to changes in Google’s search algorithm’s and even improved client visibility as less reputable SEO approaches cause competitors to disappear from Search Engine Visibility.

For further details on WSI’s capabilities and strategies around SEO, SEM, Paid Search, and online marketing opportunities in general, please contact us for a free consultation.

Blog originally published at: http://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/wsi-implements-seo-program-for-albuquerque-tradeshow-display-and-services-company

WSI Optimizes West Coast Commercial Concrete Contractor, Conco

Linda - Thursday, December 5, 2013

WSI has recently completed the on-page search engine optimization for Conco, one of the nation’s largest commercial concrete contractors. With major operations in the Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Seattle and Denver, Conco delivers full range concrete services on large scale commercial projects throughout the western half of the country.


In all, WSI optimized 45 pages of the website to rank for general terms like commercial concrete contractor, rebar, concrete pumping, shotcrete, and concrete design, as well as geo-modified terms to reflect the markets they serve.

Off-page optimization for Conco will begin in December.  This involves creating relevant content and sharing it both socially, and on various third-party websites to improve their page rank.  This activity sends direct as well as indirect traffic to the site. Blogs at BlogSpot,WordPress, and Tumblr, as well as local directory listings, and customer reviews will be the major focus of this campaign.

At the start of the optimization, Conco only ranked for one relevant term in Google.  After the on-page was complete this figure increased to over 40 keywords, and we expect significant growth from there.

Blog originally appeared at http://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/wsi-optimizes-multi-location-commercial-concrete-contractor

New Site Launch: Alliance Insurance Group

Linda - Wednesday, May 9, 2012

For the past few months, our team has spearheaded a project with Alliance Insurance Group to develop a brand new website – www.OwnYourAllianceInsuranceAgency.com 

Alliance, based in Golden, CO is nationally targeting entrepreneurs and other independent insurance agents who want to learn how to start an insurance agency of their own underneath the Alliance umbrella.  

Essentially, Alliance is offering these folks an insurance franchise opportunity where it serves as a Master General Agency (MGA) with a turn-key approach to insurance agency marketing, back-end CRM system, payroll, etc. on behalf of their agents so that they can focus on what they do best, which is selling.

Using WSI’s unique web development process, we identified areas of consumer demand through search query volume, and then designed the site and its content around how best to meet this demand. By optimizing around focused keywords, ensuring the technical architecture of the site is sound, and properly utilizing Google Webmaster Tools, we’ve seen significant results since the site launched in March:

  • As a brand new site, it was being crawled and indexed within a matter of days after launching

  • The site is currently ranking in the top 50 organic results for several targeted keywords, within just 2 months

  • The number of qualified leads being delivered by the site is unlike any other channel Alliance has utilized in the past

This aforementioned approach, combined with a laser-focused PPC strategy is ensuring Alliance has a steady stream of qualified prospects filling up their pipeline and ready to join the Alliance team.  

And hey, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact them about starting an insurance agency of your own – they’d love to talk to you!

Article originally published at: http://www.wsiexpertinternetmarketing.com/our-blog/alliance_shows_you_how_to_start_an_insurance_agency

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