The Good, The Bad and Ugly Side of Email Marketing

Linda - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Whenever you open your personal or business inbox, you are greeted with tons of messages from different people, brands, and companies. Some emails are important for your day-to-day work chores while others are simply promotional emails which can be annoying.

Let’s face it, as internet marketers we are also guilty of sending out timely promotions to our email list. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly side of email marketing and the things we can do to give our clients and prospects a better email experience.

advantages of email marketing

The Good Side of Email Marketing

When done effectively, email marketing can help enrich customer loyalty and build trust with prospects. Email marketers should always keep in mind the importance of each email and the time of its arrival in your readers’ mailboxes.

When a user subscribes to your newsletter or signs up for an item, they expect to receive the offer you’ve promoted on your social media or your website. You should be sure to grant their request. Whether it is a discount coupon, free software trial or a how-to-guide, they are entitled to receive the item.

Of course, these subscribers should know the deal. They should expect to receive more emails from you. It is essential to keep your messages on the topic that is relevant and that complements the offer you’ve given to them in the first place.  Remember, relevancy is key. They don’t want to receive other topics that they’re not interested in.

The Bad Side of Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, there’s a lot of competition. A person receives an average of over 100 emails in their inbox per day. Just seeing these may make a person cringe. How are you supposed to read all these emails on a manic Monday?

Yes, email marketing is a great communication channel, but too many emails are overwhelming. It’s becoming harder to block spam and get through all the important emails each day.

But as marketers, we need to adapt and and address this craze. We need to be extra creative to grab our readers’ attention when they see messages from us. We don’t want our headlines just seen and instantly throw in the trash. We need impactful titles and content to encourage our readers to open and read the special messages we have delivered to them.

The Ugly Side of Email Marketing

Everyone with internet access must have played a game or two online. It requires a signup process to play a game. When you use your personal email upon registration, get ready to be bombarded with tons and tons of notifications in your inbox regarding the game!

That’s the ugly side of exchanging your email address to play a game. Nobody will spend hours and hours reading those notifications individually. It’s a waste and businesses should reconsider this move.

We hope that stating the good, the bad and the ugly parts of email marketing can shed some light on the processes that are needed to help marketers strategize their email campaigns properly. What’s the foundation of a great email marketing campaign? We say it’s a well-thought-out plan matched with great headlines, relevant content, and timely delivery that can yield great results.

Techniques and Tips to Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Linda -

Email marketing is far from dead. It continues to live on and will always be a great communication tool between businesses, prospects and customers. An article from TechCrunch posted a year ago stated that the number of Gmail users has now reached over 900 million. 75% of them use mobile phones to read and compose emails. This data alone is a good reference to confirm the  importance of providing a mobile-friendly experience to your users, especially when it comes to emails.

Every mobile user will be turned off when they see an email that is cramped and messy. Don’t let your email campaigns be a letdown. Allot time to create emails that can cater to desktop,  tablet and smartphone users for a better engagement and ROI.

Here’s an infographic to learn some techniques and tips on how to make your emails look professional on both mobile and desktop screens.

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Boost Email Marketing Campaigns With These Techniques

Linda - Monday, November 21, 2016

Implementing a good email marketing campaign takes time and effort. Simply sending out emails won’t cut it, especially if you’re looking at less than a typical 5% email open rate. People can be easily distracted with different things. Grabbing their attention especially with emails is a real challenge.

Additionally, not all emails have a 100% success delivery rates. Some of them are sent to your reader’s spam box or may have failed to reach the addressee. These scenarios are inevitable in all email marketing campaigns and all businesses experience these technical issues. Even though this may hinder your email marketing success, your business will always benefit when your emails are well-planned, designed and contain engaging content.

Here at WSI Web Systems, we’ll show you the ins-and-outs of email and how you can further hone your email marketing skills to the next level in this short video:

Are You Ready to Press “Go!” to Start Your Holiday Marketing?

Admin - Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autumn Leaves

Yes, I know, it’s not even Halloween yet! However, it’s already time to plan for your holiday specials.  Black Friday is only a little over a month away (November 27) and right after is Small Business Saturday (November 28). With a little planning, you could head into the holiday season with your customers clamoring to buy your products or services.  While you map out your approach, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I determined what specials, promotions, discounts, coupons, etc., I plan on offering?
  • Have I drafted an email series to introduce these specials to my email list?
  • Do I want to start an email campaign to get more subscribers?
  • Have I made sure that my website is readable when people people visit from a mobile device? (53% of online shoppers used a mobile device last year!)
  • Are all of my products on my e-commerce site?
  • Have I planned out my social media strategy?

It’s hard to think about the cold and snow now, but a little time spent now will help your marketing work almost on auto-pilot and boost your holiday profits.  If you would like some assistance with planning or creating your holiday marketing strategy, please contact us at [email protected] .

Let’s make the last quarter of 2015 a spectacular one!

For more ideas on prepping your marketing for the holidays, please download our guide,

6 Email Marketing Hacks that Will Help You Make More Money This Holiday Season

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