3 Ways How a Google Grant Can Help Your Nonprofit Today

Linda - Monday, July 17, 2017

Receiving a Google Grant can be the difference between getting your message out and closing your doors forever. Now we’re not saying that not getting one will mean inevitable doom, but applying for one of these Grants will definitely allow your nonprofit to widen the reach of their voice.

1. Extra Money Saved!

If there is one thing we know, it’s how expensive good advertising can be. Well, this is your golden goose! This goose just happens to lay a $10,000 egg every month (in the form of advertising space.)

There are three things to know about Google Grant money though:

  1. The money is guaranteed every month
  2. It is safeguarded from overspending
  3. It should be used in full every month because the money doesn’t roll over.

The especially good news is that you can’t overspend. Google just will stop running your ads in that area until your next month’s cash comes in. So, you save thousands in advertising AND you won’t be hit with a secret overage fee.

Talk about a win/win!

2. Build a Bigger Audience

Getting the word out about your nonprofit isn’t always easy, but with Google Ads it is. You have the ability to market your company to the exact type of people you’re trying to reach. That is the power of the Google Grant on your ads.

So, with the free money every month, you will be able to get the word out about your cause to new people every…single…day! This doesn’t just mean people you wouldn’t see in town, this means you can literally go global with your cause.

Virtually every single non-profit has something important to say, but now it’s time that more people hear what yours is saying.

3. Develop a Stronger Team

Having more money to spend on ads and having it reach a bigger audience will inevitably cause a unique “problem”, you’ll need a bigger team. The great thing about this situation is that you will likely be getting questions about job openings from people that have viewed your ads.

The other great thing about having an online ad presence is that when you finally do post job listings, people will already have an idea of who you are from your ad campaign. Whether you know it or not, a lot of qualified applicants will pass up job listings from companies they haven’t heard of.

Because of the $10K in monthly ads, a higher quality of applicants will gladly apply to your job postings because you have created your own social proof by already becoming a familiar name. The addition of the free advertising to your nonprofit can result in an exponential growth many times over if done correctly.

Next Step to Getting Your Google Grant

 First and foremost, you should apply for a Google Grant for your nonprofit if you haven’t already. Once approved, you should do one of two things:

  1. Read up on Google Ads, OR
  2. Hire a Google Ads expert

It’s great to have $10K to spend, but if you have no idea what you’re doing, you might make some common mistakes and you won’t reach your target audience. Read this article to find out more about the 3 most common Google Grant mistakes. This may not be a huge blow to your budget but think of all the opportunities to connect with the right people that you might have missed. Get great at Ads, or hire someone who is already skilled to be on your team.

Then, prepare for a world of possibilities! Contact us to learn more about applying for a Google Grant



Playground Equipment Company Engages WSI For SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing

Linda - Thursday, March 9, 2017

Premier Park & Play, a playground equipment supplier for schools, parks, campgrounds and child care centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and other parts of New England, has engaged WSI to implement an SEO program and pay-per-click advertising campaigns to generate leads for the company.  Premier’s products include:

playground equipment supplier massachusetts

The company provides services including the planning, design and construction of playgrounds, installation of playground equipment, and even fundraising campaigns for the client’s playground project. From traditional equipment such as slides and jungle gyms to fantasy themed playground castles, larger than life outdoor musical instruments, and waterplays and splashpads, Premier Play and Play has built many magical playgrounds for towns, schools and non-profit organizations in New England.

The goal of the WSI engagement is lead generation. The company had tried trade shows and advertising on industry websites, but the results were not satisfactory. WSI proposed a digital marketing strategy that included website development, SEO and pay per click advertising.

First, WSI enhanced the company’s website to include a form for lead generation and a portfolio of playground projects.

Next, we performed comprehensive keyword research and selected specific keywords that were then mapped to the relevant pages of the website.  Then, employing advanced on-page optimization techniques, new web copies were written for those pages, which were optimized for the selected keywords.

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO program will now focus on improving the popularity of the new optimized pages. It will include registering the website in local business directories, posting on its Google+, Facebook and Linkedin pages, and increasing positive customer reviews. In addition, monthly blog posts will be written and syndicated to blogs established on the popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly.

In addition, a Google Ads campaign, managed using the intelligent Acquisio platform, will be implemented to generate traffic and hot leads.

WSI will monitor the SEO and Ads campaign results using Google Analytics and the Search Console. Each month WSI will produce a report that includes key metrics such as organic and paid traffic, organic rankings, organic links, conversion and conversion rates. We expect to achieve significantly increased lead generation rates from these SEO and pay-per-click advertising programs.

This blog post is originally published on http://www.thewsitouch.com/playground-equipment-company-engages-wsi-seo-pay-per-click-advertising/

Steps to Increase Leads & Sales Through Digital Advertising

Linda - Monday, July 11, 2016

A Fortune article suggests that the first 8 seconds is critical to capture your audience’s attention.

In the digital world where anything can be a distraction, getting your audience attention is a tall task. Content, video, and even social marketing are all good tactics but may take time, trial and experiments to generate sales. A more efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your website is through digital advertising. Here’s a good video on how to leverage digital advertising to increase your follower base and gain profit from your campaigns.

The 5 Steps to increase leads and sales through digital advertising:

  1. Identify the right search criteria.
  2. Advertise on the appropriate ad networks.
  3. Put campaign tracking in place.
  4. Carry out split tests.
  5. Measure, improve, repeat.

If you would like more information on digital advertising or professional help implementing digital ad campaigns, get in touch with WSI Web System’s Digital Marketing Consultant, Linda Waterhouse.  Call 908-679-9976 or email WSI at [email protected] today!

Facts and Truths About Digital Advertising

Linda -

“Nobody clicks on ads’’ is not at all true. In fact, around 30% of internet users do click on banner advertisements on social media platforms and search engines. Generally, these 30% are interested to very interested in the information you are promoting.  

Digital ads are still extremely young. Technologies that help marketers and businesses run better ad campaigns are improving rapidly, and the ad platforms improve their products every single day. At the very least, digital ads are worth a little bit of experimentation, especially if you’re already working on increasing your brand’s digital footprint.

A smart marketer can’t overlook digital ads. Based on the data, there’s a great opportunity ahead for digital advertising. We should embrace the challenge to overcome any negative commentary on digital ads and run better, well-optimized ad campaigns. To help you decipher the truths here’s an infographic to walk you through the facts about digital advertising.


Nurse Registry Hires WSI to Expand Online Marketing Campaigns

Linda - Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NurseRegistry.com an employment placement company located in Palo Alto, CA, for registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses, has contracted with WSI Connect for their Internet marketing needs.

NurseRegistry.com, an employment placement specialist hired WSI Connect to improve local search engine optimization and pay-per-click management.

NurseRegistry.com, an employment placement specialist hired WSI Connect to improve local search engine optimization and pay-per-click management.

Nurse Registry has been in business since 2009 and has grown from in-home nursing careplacement to private individuals and facility employee placement. There is a growing need for nurses, such as travel nurses, pediatric nurses, in the health care industry and WSI Connect will help NurseRegistry.com attract new leads and optimize their online advertising campaign (PPC). (more…)

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