The Future of Marketing Automation

The Future of Marketing Automation

Linda - Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Marketing Automation may be a relatively new concept for some, but it has been in the digital sphere for quite some time now. Due to the demand of multiple and repetitive tasks, digital marketers realize that marketing automation helps with what people crave most – save more time . To give you a surprising fact, 49% of companies today are using marketing automation platforms, which help marketers make smarter, more informed decisions on budgeting while improving their efficiency.

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Marketing automation also takes the burden off of humans on manually sending emails and other resources. Moreover, it also speeds up business processes aligned to your business marketing goals. How great is that?!

Bright Future Ahead for Marketing Automation

The ability to track a visitor’s individual journey from visiting a webpage, knowing which pages they’ve visited and knowing their behaviors makes the future of marketing automation bright.

Marketing automation allows businesses to have an idea how visitors and potential leads behave and react to your marketing funnels. Through this, companies can send automated information to the right audience at the right time. It’s a great lead nurturing tool that every marketer should use.

No software is can predict how your audience will react. You will have have to try something out, test and make tweaks here and there as time goes on. That’s the challenge of innovation – finding the most convenient and efficient way to perform certain tasks. Below are some of the benefits of marketing automation and how they can help implement an automated strategy that suits your business style:

  • Cross-platform promotion – Website traffic, contacts, landing pages, and email autoresponders can now be available on one platform. If you have several marketing funnels on different platforms, most marketing automation software allows third-party integrations so you can monitor all of your campaigns into  one area.
  • Lower customer acquisition costs –  Companies that use marketing automation successfully now engage in highly-targeted campaigns and track customers as they progress down the funnel and turn into loyal customers.
  • Better reporting and marketing analytics –  Marketing automation can generate better reporting and marketing analytics in accordance to each of your business’ marketing funnels. You’ll be able to analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your pages and know how they perform with your prospects and leads.

Marketing Automation holds a tremendous amount of promise as it continues to innovate and give insightful information about your leads and customers. Follow our blog post on howIf you haven’t tried using marketing automation, this is a great time to get onboard. Get in touch with us know to learn more about marketing automation and how it is beneficial to your business.

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